Architecture on canvas

Client: Câmara Municipal de Chaves
Edited by: Fundação Nadir Afonso
Editor: António Choupina

Production: Maiadouro
Photography: Bruno Nacarato

*Designed with Ana Resende.

Arquitectura sobre tela
Architecture on canvas
Architecture on canvas is a catalog for an exhibition featuring Nadir Afonso’s —an acclaimed portuguese painter— work and its relationship with the architectural practice.
As a modernist artist, Nadir, often saw art as whole, constantly mixing influences and mottos in its work. For this exhibition, the curator chose to show a series of paintings that directly relate to architecture, buildings and specific cities landscapes.
To address this content, we chose very clean yet complex materials and approaches. We used to 3 main colors that are present in Nadir’s work, transforming the object — the book — in a contextualised container.