Musonautas: Visões & Avarias

Client: Porto Municipality
Edited by: Galeria Municipal do Porto

Curatorship: Paulo Vinhas
Photography: Luís Espinheira

Designed with Ana Resende

*This project was designed as studio Degrau, together with 3 brilliant friends: Ana Areias, João Castro and Tiago Campeã.

Musonautas: Visões & Avarias.
1960-2010: 5 décadas de inquietação musical no Porto.
Catalog design for the exhibition “Musonautas: Visões e Avarias”, of Galeria Municipal do Porto. More than an exhibition catalog, Musonautas is a book about 5 decades of musical restlessness from the city of Porto. The city has a significant history in alternative and independent musical projects, ranging from classical music to rock and hip-hop. This book reflects an amazing work of search of collectors archives and collective memory, that shows in a structure that accommodates this diverse and complex content.